An investigation is like a jigsaw puzzle.  Evidence needs to be meticulously pieced together to create a clear picture of what has occurred.

Investigation & Reviews


As experienced professional investigators, we are skilled in obtaining and analysing factual information, in accordance with procedural fairness and the rules of evidence, to provide a comprehensive, impartial and authoritative investigation report. 


Retaining an independent investigator assists to alleviate conflict of interest concerns and perceptions of bias.

Verity Group's specialist knowledge of contemporary investigation principles ensures that all matters are investigated professionally and proficiently.  

You can have confidence in Verity Group investigations, which will reduce the time you need to spend managing conduct matters.  


We specialise in workplace investigations, including: 

  • Bullying, harassment & sexual harassment  
  • Discrimination  
  • Grievances  
  • Serious misconduct/code of conduct  
  • Tasmanian State Service investigations
  • Administrative & merit selection reviews  
  • Conflict of interest  
  • Workplace assault  
  • Inappropriate access/disclosure of records  
  • Misuse of property or resources  
  • Fraud  
  • WH&S and other policy breaches
  • Workplace audits 
  • WHS incidents


We are Risk Management/WHS professionals.

We can assist with:

  • Cultural reviews
  • Workplace audits
  • Incident root cause analysis
  • Preliminary assessments of grievances/complaints 
  • Provision of resources and technical advice to manage workplace issues and investigations 
  • Training in various workplace topics such as bullying/harassment and discrimination

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We are qualified, experienced and licensed.

Under the SECURITY AND INVESTIGATIONS AGENTS ACT 2002, anyone conducting an investigation in Tasmania MUST hold a valid Tasmanian Inquiry Agent Licence, issued by the Department of Justice Tasmania, in order to legally conduct the investigation.  This includes workplace investigations.  

Anyone retaining an Investigator must ensure the Investigator is appropriately licensed as it is an offence under the Act to engage an unlicensed person.  We recommend to always ask an Investigator to present their Tasmanian Inquiry Agent license to ensure currency.  

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